How Many Mascara Coats Should You Be Wearing?

Personally 3 coats TOP… Tell that to the RUN WAY models. Clump lashes are in, so pack on the coats .  IF your not a CLUMP lash type of Chica here’s what I use.

Items needed:
-RevitaLash Volumizing Primer
-Givenchy (Noir Couture) Black Satin

STEP 1        Apply RevitaLash Volumizing Primer to bare lashes, wiggling at the base of the eyelash and twirling upward and outward.
STEP 2      Apply preferred shade of Givenchy Mascara.
STEP 3       Repeat for fuller lashes.


  • Twirling the wand helps separate lashes and allows for a more even coating on eyelashes.
  • Volumizing Primer is intended to be worn under mascara. However, it can be worn alone.


Givenchy Mas dzxwic2i_201305152250435638




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